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A few days ago, Khalifa University of Science, Technology, and Research (KUSTAR) announced that Tod Laursen from Duke University would become its new president (to date it appears that KUSTAR has only had an interim president).

I’ll confess:  I don’t know much about university presidents, other than that they seem to make a boatload (or two) of money — the median pay for chief execs at public institutions in 2008-2009 was US$ 436,111 (Lopez-Rivera, 2010).  One can only wonder what the pay is at HEIs here in the mideast, so it’s no mystery that 200-odd applicants threw their hats in to the ring when the recent start-up engineering school in Abu Dhabi advertised.

I think I want to wish the fellow congratulations, but I’m not really sure.


Lopez-Rivera, M. (18 Jan 2010). Paychecks stagnate for presidents of many public universities. The Chronicle of Higher Education.  Retrieved (5 May 2010) from http://chronicle.com/article/Pay-Stagnates-for-Many/63546.


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